How not to screw up your presentation­

How not to screw up your presentation­
Сегодня мы поделимся с Вами 4 эффективными лайфхаками, следуя которым Вы быстро приобретете умения захватывать и удерживать внимание аудитории, завоевать ее доверие и стать уверенным в себе спикером.

Do #1 – Be assertive

Make sure that your voice sounds loud and clear, that you’re maintaining a confident and comfortable pose, and of course, make sure you have the appropriate look for the presentation.

Don’t #1 – Don’t rely on your slides too much

This also seems quite obvious, yet a whole lot of people just ruin all the impressions of their presentation by paying too much attention to the slides.
Worst of all, of course, is when there is so much on your slides that it doesn’t actually attract attention, but it defocuses it.
Remember, the most important part of your presentation is you, not PowerPoint.

Don’t #2 – Don’t read

Of course, there might be bits of information that you may peek at. However, if you simply plunge into your sheets and don’t lift your head up, this will spoil the whole impression.
People don’t want to read information; they want to hear it from you.

Do #2 – Be prepared to answer questions

And this also requires completing the first part of the tip: be prepared. Know your topic thoroughly, and after that, you may even anticipate some of the questions.
Think about what sorts of information your audience might want to know after the presentation.
Make 3-5 questions about that. Answer them, and after that analyze your answer. Does it seem convincing? No? Then try again. Until you’ve felt that the person will be satisfied with your answer.

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